3 Dangerous Mistakes That Could Badly Affect Your Child Custody Case

3 Dangerous Mistakes That Could Badly Affect Your Child Custody Case

3 Dangerous Mistakes That Could Badly Affect Your Child Custody Case

17 August 2021
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Child custody cases are complicated and stressful. The worst part is you have to face the person you may prefer to ignore. But as agonising as the process might be, you need a lot of self-control if you want to be on the winning side.

Many couples sabotage their child custody cases through some mistakes they could avoid. The best way to evade these costly errors is by engaging a family lawyer. Read on to learn some of these mistakes. 

1. Failing To Keep It Together

Many people walk into the courtroom completely unaware of the pressures involved in a custody case. As a result, they get overwhelmed and act out of anger or disappointment, which affects their case. As such, you should consult a family lawyer to get a few details on what to expect in the case beforehand.

For example, they will advise you on ways to avoid confrontations with the other party that may cause you to lash out hurtful words or assault them. Doing this only reduces your chances of keeping your children. Also, the lawyer will warn you against taking any intoxicating substances like alcohol or drugs when visiting your child, as you risk losing future access to them.

Lastly, you should watch what you post on social media. If you post anything out of anger, it could negatively affect your case. Remember that your spouse's lawyer could be following your posts, and they may use it against you in court. The best way to resist the urge is by keeping off social media until the case is over.

2. Forgetting About Child Support

Supporting your children as you should shows that you have their interests at heart. Unfortunately, you may lose your job along the way. As genuine as it might be, do not assume that the judge will understand your neglect of child support without informing them. In that case, you should file a motion in court as soon as you lose your job. The judge will consider your situation and adjust the amount until you get a stable job.

3. Ignoring an Order from Court

You should never ignore an order from the court, as it paints a bad picture about you before the judge. Not only does it affect the case outcome, but you could also get punished for the misconduct. Typically, you should inform the court about anything hindering you from responding to the orders. Your family lawyer will help you develop a suitable application in court. 

You should avoid the above mistakes if you wish to continue seeing your children after the divorce. Ensure that you work with a family lawyer as they will guide you make the right decisions.

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