When Your Former Spouse Stops Paying Child Support

20 July 2018
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When there are no children involved, a divorce allows you to become a free agent. Sure, you can remain on good terms with your former spouse, perhaps even friends, and yet you might also wish to cut off all communication with them. It's entirely your prerogative. It's a different story when you and your former spouse have children. While your family lawyer would have assisted you in negotiating appropriate visitation and child support payments, what are your options when your former spouse shirks their responsibility when it comes to the latter?
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Parenting Plan or Consent Order — What’s the Difference?

16 July 2018
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When two parents decide that they can no longer live together in harmony, they may face considerable issues as they try to unravel the relationship. Even so, these personal issues may be nothing compared to the challenges that may befall their children in both the short term and long term. However, sometimes it's simply impossible to save a union even with the interests of the children at heart, and in this case, it's important to take as much care as possible to look after their future.
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How to choose the right family law expert

12 July 2018
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Whether you are facing a divorce, a child custody battle, or issues relating to child support or visitation rights you will need to find someone who understands family law and can help you achieve the right result. Finding the right legal firm is rarely easy and some people go through a lot of legal representatives because they aren't able to find the perfect company. Here are the top three things you must consider when looking for a family law service.
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